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Description: « THE WALL »
This is the title of my next solo show in Paris in the Joël Knafo Gallery (182 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré)
Normally I do not like to expose, for a street artist it’s always a bit of a fall of style, I prefer the raw freedom of the street and its adventures, good or bad.
But it will soon be 10 years that I work on the street signs and I felt the need to take stock, this exhibition is the retrospective of (almost) everything I’ve done in the last decade, the opportunity to an overview.
Personally, I do not paint on the walls because I would like to avoid the argument of the private property but rather to approach the theme of the relation between the State and the People, whose street signs are the visual symbol par excellence.
But « THE WALL » is also a dedicated tribute to freedom of expression and to all those who practice it with sincerity and courage, we need it today more than ever

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