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Description: Looking for the “Emergency Exit”

I have an innate mistrust of censors, guards and controllers and I have never been able to sincerely respect the choice of someone who decides to put aside their capacity of judgment to become a simple executor of orders. This does not mean that I hate policemen, I am convinced that I can find wonderful human beings in that category too, but I am frightened by the meaning of their uniform: obeying and commanding are for me the denial of thinking therefore of “being”. I notice that these crimes, like the murder of George Floyd, are too often protected by political powers, denied by the police themselves and almost never punished by justice, is unfortunately a story already heard in any country in the world.

I know for sure that the right direction to take would be a world without the need for guards, I am an utopian, it must be …. but up to a certain point and I also know that it is not yet the time of that world today.

But when those who are supposed to stop the real bad guys become to be the real bad guys themselves, then it is time for the world to stop like it is happening in the United States today and as it should have happened so many years ago in so many other countries in the world.

In France, for example, on average a little more than one person per month dies in the hands of the police, and during the lockdown, in two months, 12 died.
The official press does not communicate this information, the politicians in power are obviously silent.

In Italy, I do not know the exact figures but I know that the police officers who murdered the young Aldrovandi are still free and that it took about 10 years before the two carabiniere who killed Stefano Cucchi were convicted.
But the list of dead is actually much longer.

So yes, I’m afraid of the police, yes, I don’t trust the police … unfortunately in general @assa.traore_ @laveritepouradama @viesvolees.france @giletsjaunesofficiel @cameliajordana

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